What Can I Expect?
Welcome to our web site. Since your decision about coming to Freedom Village is an important one, this page will try to paint a picture of what a teenager can expect when they come to Freedom Village.

At any given time, there are 150-200 young people at Freedom Village. These teens, aged 14-21, have come from all walks of life for all different reasons. Some young people have good families; others have no support from any family members at all. A few of the teens came here as a preventative measure, as they really started going down the wrong road. For others, Freedom Village is a last stop before they face jail or maybe even death. Young people are here for drugs, abuse, abandonment, stealing and any number of reasons. And while each young person has their own story – some worse than others – each young person has made a commitment that they want to change and that they are willing to give Freedom Village a chance.

When you arrive at Freedom Village, you will be paired with another young person who has done well in the program. This young person will be your roommate and help you learn the ropes for the first few weeks.

Each day at Freedom Village begins with breakfast and a short chapel meeting during which a staff member brings an encouraging or challenging thought for the day. Then there is time in school, followed by chores and free time before dinner. After dinner, there is free time that may be spent in the recreation room, on the basketball court, in the weight room, or just hanging out. Each weekday ends with a class that focuses on character building or a Bible lesson. On Friday evenings, the whole campus participates in a special planned activity that usually includes sports or games and lots of snacks.

If you have not graduated high school, you will attend school on campus. The school at Freedom Village uses a special curriculum designed to allow young people to work at their own pace. While you will be asked to complete a reasonable amount of work, students are free to work at a level at which they can perform. For some, this means working a little more slowly to go over things that they do not remember or did not master in school before coming to Freedom Village. For others, it means the freedom to make up for lost time and accomplish a lot of schoolwork in a short period of time.

There are a lot of things to do when you arrive at Freedom Village. For those who are interested, there is a competitive sports program that features boys soccer and basketball. For the girls, there is soccer, cheerleading and volleyball. Students may be interested in our horse program, which provides daily opportunities to care for and train horses, as well as participate in trail riding and similar activities. Many of the students are involved with choir, a group that performs both on campus and at venues around the northeastern United States and into Canada. For those who are particularly skilled and who demonstrate appropriate growth and character, there are advanced singing groups that travel on a monthly basis to churches and schools.

Finally, there are a lot of neat opportunities to serve others when you are at Freedom Village. Once you are established and doing well in the program, you will be given numerous opportunities to help out other people. There are community service projects in the local area, food distribution trips to New York City and other areas, singing groups that travel and sing in churches and schools all over the US and Canada, and many other things that arise throughout the year. Some of our students have even gone on missions trips to orphanages that we support in Ukraine.

Overall, Freedom Village is a place to come and spend time focusing on yourself and God, apart from the distractions of your current surroundings. We believe that the answer for each troubled life can be found in God, so we spend a lot of time focusing on the Bible. We have intentionally created an environment full of positive peer pressure, where it is ‘cool’ to do what is right and encourage each other. And we have staffed our program with some of the most caring people, many of whom came through the program themselves – so they know how you feel and can help you through your stay at Freedom Village.

We trust that this has given you a little picture of what to expect at Freedom Village. Hundreds and hundreds of young people have come and found an answer for their lives at Freedom Village. We hope that you will commit to joining us and becoming another wonderful success story – another life that was changed.

If you would like more information about Freedom Village USA and receive a application please contact our INTAKE DEPARTMENT at 1-800-VICTORY. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you, and God bless!

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