Thank you for logging on to This page will give you an overview of our program, in an attempt to answer your general questions and paint a picture of what our program is about.

Freedom Village is a residential home for troubled teenagers located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of western Central New York. Our rural campus, overlooking Seneca Lake, is ten minutes north of Watkins Glen, NY on NY Route 14.

Freedom Village is a private, faith based home. We operate on the faithful giving of supporters and are in no way affiliated with New York State. Our twelve month program is voluntary, meaning that it is necessary for the young people to commit to a year at Freedom Village.

In light of these facts, we are not a lock down facility or detention center. Young people cannot be remanded to Freedom Village. On the other hand, we have had numerous judges, lawyers, and probation officers allow young people to come to Freedom Village in lieu of a sentence when this is presented by the family.

Young people come to Freedom Village from all walks of life. While we are obviously a Christian home for teens, we accept students regardless of race, creed or religion.

Students come to our program for many reasons; for some, our program is more of a preventative measure for a young person who is clearly on the wrong track. For others, Freedom Village is their last hope before prison or a lifestyle certain to lead to death. Young people come to Freedom Village because of drugs, violence, depression, suicide, abuse, abandonment, and any number of other issues.

Our campus consists of two separate dormitories – one for boys and one for girls. At any given time, there are 200 young people in residence. Freedom Village offers an on-campus academy, where young people complete their education. Students also attend chapel services on campus. Chapel is Monday-Friday every morning after breakfast.

Freedom Village provides young people with a structured program, in a sheltered environment, aimed at fostering responsibility and keeping things fun and interesting. Daily chores and schoolwork are complemented by time in the recreation room. Friday night activities are a highlight of the week, engaging students in fun sports or games, and winning awesome prizes!

In addition to the daily routine, there is an abundance of activities aimed at grabbing the interest of a variety of young people. For those interested, there is an extensive horse program that gives the young people an opportunity to care for a horse and become a skilled rider. There is a sailing program that allows young people the chance to try their hand at sailing and enjoy beautiful Seneca Lake. There is also an extensive interscholastic sports program for boys and girls that include soccer, basketball, volleyball, football and cheerleading. In addition, there are numerous outreach opportunities that the young people may involve themselves in.

All of this is aimed to provide young people with an environment in which they feel comfortable and safe, so that God can begin to work in their lives. Ultimately, our goal is that a young person will get to the place where they are willing to trust God with their problems, and to let Him transform their life. God’s Word is illuminated through daily devotions and powerful preaching. When combined with the love and discipline young people receive from a caring, experienced staff, it is our goal that they come to trust in the Lord as the answer for their life.

Finally, it is important to answer a couple of questions that you are bound to ask. First, young people are required to write home on a weekly basis, and phone calls are optional once a week. They also may call home once a week. Family visits are encouraged after 3 months has passed (allowing a student to overcome their inevitable homesickness). These visits may occur once a month. The second time “off property” will be allotted based on the progress of the young person in the program.

Second, it is important to mention finances. Freedom Village is a private home that relies on supporters’ giving. We take no state or Federal aid. In light of this, it is important that students’ families financially support their child during his/ her stay. On the other hand, we do not want to turn away a young person who needs this opportunity because of money. That being said, there is an entrance fee of $500 US for a young person to enter the program. We encourage families to seek help from members of their extended family or their church if they cannot meet this amount. At intake, a member of our financial department will meet with the family and determine what they can realistically contribute to their child’s stay, on a monthly basis. While it costs nearly $3750 a month for each young person to remain in our program, many families pay less than that amount. We do not want money to be an obstacle.

In conclusion, we hope that you found this information useful. We trust that you have read the testimonies of changed lives and have hope God will meet your child’s needs as well. We encourage you to contact us with further questions or to initiate the intake process. Please call our intake department at 607-243-8126 or e-mail us at our Intake Dept.

Thank you and God bless!

Freedom Village Intake Application
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